Autonomy as a political model


I hereby launch  The purpose of this web-site and project is to be a positive influence towards an autonomous organising of society.

Why is autonomy important?  Autonomy means self-rule, which is the opposite of heteronomy, meaning external rule.  People generally reflect their own interests, and if power in society is concentrated in the hands of a few people, it will primarily reflect the interests of this oligarchy.  If power is spread on as many hands as possible, then interest is by definition reflected autonomously – by people themselves.

heteronomy <—oligarchic—(power distribution)—democratic—> autonomy

But let us not confuse western voting-every-four-years-parliamentaries with the real meaning of democracy.  For society to be truly democratic and reflect people’s interests, everyday choices must be taken by people themselves, which means that individuals themselves must hold power/influence/capital.  Only then will people rule over their own lives and future.

A nation and its people is not free if a minority controls most of the power/capital in society, whether through capitalistic or bureaucratic means, or a combination of the two (which is perhaps the norm).  And to avoid such power concentration, we need to become aware of it as a phenomenon, as perception precedes behaviour.

Heteronomy  —awareness—> Autonomy

–This project actually started years ago as an attempt to uncover a rational, political system (being disillusioned by those that exist).  I started from scratch, from first principle,  and tried to look at politics scientifically, using a step-by-step approach.  I called this approach Loginomy – a logical system (of politics) – and the answers I found culminated in a model for generating autonomy in society.

You may find my attempt at a scientific approach to political problems – the rationale for the autonomy-model/autonomous organising – here:

You are more than welcome to read the online booklet that you’ll find through the link, and to give your comments below.